Emile Ryjoch

Award-Winning Saxophonist

Award-winning saxophonist Emile Ryjoch.



My Rates (AUD):
$60 for 1 hour | $45 for 45 minutes | $30 for 30 minutes


- Bachelor of music with First Class Honours, completed 2017

Teaching Clearences (mostly Relevant in australia)

- Response to Abuse and Neglect

- Public Liability Insurance

- DCSI Clearance

- Letter of approval (DECD)


- Saxophone & Clarinet tutor, big band director at Mercedes College

- Saxophone teacher at St. Josephs College

Lessons can include:

- Technique

- Classical and jazz articulation

- Embouchure development and tone production

- Jazz Improvisation

- Reading and sight-reading

- Rhythm Training

- Harmony

- How to prepare for a Performance/Assessment/Audition etc.

- Phrasing in both Classical, Jazz and Contemporary styles

- How to Transcribe

- And more!

If there is anything you would like to learn/talk about, please feel free to suggest ideas to me! You can reach me at emile.ryjoch96@gmail.com

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